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Photoshoot with Katherine in the Botanic Gardens

I once again had the pleasure of working with my regular model Katherine. For today’s shoot, we travelled to the Botanic Gardens in Brisbane. The gardens are a great location for many different types of shoots as there are a variety of different types of plants and landscapes within the one location. The image below is one of my favourite shots from the day where I had to sit on a rock in the middle of the stream in order to get the correct angle and framing for the picture.

Maternity Shoot with Daniella

Bringing a child into the world is an amazing experience and I had the pleasure of helping capture Daniella’s experience as an expectant mother. 

We conducted the shoot in the comfort of her own home and the local park capturing shots of both her and together with her husband. 

I always approach a maternity shoot to capture the emotion and love of the expectant mother through allowing her to relax and display her genuine emotions. 

Tomb Raider Cosplay Shoot with Katherine

I had the please of getting up at 4 am to do a Tomb Raider Cosplay photo shoot with the beautiful Katherine. 

We drove to the gorgeous Glass House Mountains to catch the sunrise. Sunrise shoots are always a challenge as you are racing against the clock to capture the image before the sun rises too high over the horizon. 

This was one of my favourite photos from the shoot and made the climb up the mountain and the early start worth it. The image captures the feel of the character Laura Croft as she is standing on the peak of a mountain overlooking the landscape around her. 

Laura Croft is a strong character and I feel that Katherine is able to embody her strength and determination in her portrayal of the character. 

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