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Event Photography at A Taste of Lima

I had the wonderful opportunity to capture A Taste from Lima. The South American food festival celebrated the wonderful culture and food from Peru. Every event is different and for Lima my focus was to capture the not only the culture and spirit of the event, but also the delicious food. One of my greatest passions as a photographer is to be able to capture images that display the rich experience at cultural events.

Milk Bath Photoshoot with Kayla May

I’m fortunate to collaborate with a number of highly driven and talented artists. Kayla May is an incredibly talented local artist who wanted to collaborate on a project that would take her slightly out of her comfort zone and allow her to take some time for self care and empowerment. 

We decided that a milk bath would provide the perfect theme we were looking for. The plant and flower clippers were collected by Kayla near her home in Brisbane and contrast well with her highly engaging eyes.

We have a number of collaborations planned which I look forward to revealing in the near future.

Glitter and Gold Photoshoot

I once again had the pleasure of working with my regular collaborator Katherine. This is a concept shoot we’ve had in development for a while. Local SFX Makeup Artist Danny-Elle Kissick provided her services to create the exquisite gold flake outfit. The photoshoot was shoot in Katherine’s own home utilising my home studio, this allowed the model to feel at ease in her surroundings and assisted her to be comfortable while the three hour process of having the makeup applied was achieved. 

If you are interested in Danny-Elle’s work you can find her portfolio here

Boekholt Garden Party

I had the pleasure of capturing the very special garden party of the Boekholt family. The family gathered to celebrate multiple family milestones including a engagement, wedding and 1st Birthday.

Every event is different and for the tea party I remain unobtrusive to the attendees, opting for a series of photos that captured the slice of life of this special occasion. One of my greatest passions as a photographer is to be able to capture these special moments and freeze them in time for the family to enjoy for many years to come.

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